Juliet McMains & COnrad mcGreal


Juliet McMains, Ph.D. is literally a doctor of dance and an Associate Professor in the Dance Program at the University of Washington where she teaches classes that draw on her extensive background in tango, salsa, swing, ballroom, contact improvisation, ballet, modern, and dance scholarship.

Conrad started dancing at the tender age of 10 and has since competed widely in Dancesport, majored in dance, and performed and taught at festivals, workshops and competitions.  The past decade he has focused on lead and follow dancing with a particular emphasis on the Argentine tango.  He teaches every chance he gets and is thrilled to be returning to Seattle.

Ben mchenry & cameo cross

West Coast Swing / Solo Movement

Ben began dancing West Coast Swing (WCS) at 11 years of age, and he very quickly fell in love with the dance. By 16, he had already competed and placed in the Champions division. Now age 27, he has been teaching for 10 years. Known for his extremely outgoing personality, and his love for social dancing in WCS, he continues to bring joy into dancer's lives across the world.

Cameo has been dancing almost since birth. As the daughter of two prominent WCS champions, she was exposed to WCS almost immediately. She focused on classical ballet, training at the University of Arizona School of Dance, and then dancing with River North Dance Chicago. She found her way back into WCS, and this eventually led her back to Los Angeles, CA which is
where she currently resides. Now at age 28, Cameo brings a wealth of knowledge and experience not only related to WCS, but also dancing as a whole that is extremely valuable for WCS dancers to gain an understanding of to apply to their own bodies and

Ben and Cameo (a.k.a. BAMEO) have now traveled all over the United States, and the world as one of the most sought after teaching teams in WCS. Together, they are 4 time US Open Classic Division finalists, top 3 finishers in multiple NASDE Classic Divisions, and Champion/Invitational titles to numerous to count. They combine their knowledge of many components of dancing in general, movement/body mechanics, and WCS specifically. They are known for focusing on many of the most complicated concepts in WCS, and finding ways to simplify them, making them easier to understand and apply. Their goal is to spread their love and passion for WCS to dancers all over the world, and they look forward to many of years of doing just that.

sandro soncini


SANDRO SONCINI is a dancer and dance instructor originally from Florianopolis, Brazil. He has studied and trained in various dance styles for almost a decade. Sandro has become proficient in many partner dance forms and has participated in various congresses and competitions for ZOUK and other styles including WCS. Sandro began his formal dance training in the city of tango, Buenos Aires, Argentina where he lived and developed the knowledge and passion to Dance.

Sandro Discovered  ZOUK and since then he has not stopped learning and sharing, he has developed his own methodology for teaching that focuses on circular, flowing movements. He is a sought after coach and instructor throughout Vancouver, BC and the Pacific Northwest. He is currently working toward his goal of spreading the love of ZOUK in Vancouver,  and the World.

Orville Zharoff


Born in Kodiak Alaska, ORVILLE began his physical performance career on the KHS Dance Drill Team and as a KHS Cheerleader.  He became Co-captain and received varsity letters in both.  In more recent years, Orville has taught several semesters of ExCo Lindy classes at Oberlin University in Ohio. Choreographed and performed with Emerald City Swing for 3 years.  Has been a regular performer with the East Side Swing Cats.  And has guest taught lessons at Burn Blue, Blues Underground, Seattle Fusion Experiment, PLU, Case Western University in Cleveland Ohio, and acro intensive workshops at Oberlin OH.  He's been coaching at the School of Acrobatics and New Circus Arts since 2009 and has started two separate weekly acro classes.  His current passion is in the Partner Acro Modalities, performing private events around the Seattle area.

PHILIP BORUNDA & Lynelle Vandenbos


PHILIP BORUNDA has been dancing for over twenty years, beginning with ballet and quickly picking up jazz and modern dance as well as street styles such as hip hop and break dancing.  After a long and varied performing career he continued to teach and coach dancers of all ages and levels.  Philip has been involved with the Seattle Fusion Community for several years, working as a teacher, DJ and coordinator for Fusion events and is so thrilled to be teaching for the Seattle Fusion Festival.

LYNELLE VANDENBOS is a dance teacher/choreographer based out of Bellevue, WA, who still competes, performs, coaches & judges various genres of dance across the country.  As a true connoisseur of movement, she's studied as many styles as she possibly can since her childhood beginnings 30 years ago: ballet, jazz, contemporary, contact-improv, modern, musical theatre, hip hop, latin/ballroom, breaking, various ethnic dances & more recently, partner acrobatics; she views each genre as a new adventure that adds to the beauty of her artistic journey.  "I love teaching because it enables me to pass on my passion for the art of dance to others & hopefully leave a positive impression on the next generation of dancers I encounter.  The best lessons I ever learned in life, I learned through dance; expressing myself, strong work ethic, developing healthy relationships, working with others, clear communication, self respect/reflection & learning the value growing through successes & disappointments...just to name a few.  I am truly my BEST & most honest/pure version of myself when I'm dancing.  I never stop learning & feel incredibly blessed to have my life's passion as my career for the 15 years!"


Jeannie Lin & emily webb

fusion tango

EMILY WEBB began her love affair with partner dancing in 1996.  Starting out as a Lindy Hopper, through the years she danced through Tango, Salsa, Blues, and finally Fusion dance.  Today, Tango remains her greatest dance love. Emily teaches Tango and Fusion across the U.S.; and she is the co-creator of Mission Fusion and Tango Atipico, San Francisco social dances.

While Emily loves to geek out on technique she also believes learning should be experiential and fun!  Her classes create a positive environment to explore human relationship, movement and expression in dance partnership.  Get ready to play, get geeky, laugh, learn and delve deep into the world of partner dance!

Emily has been seen teaching at the Denver Fusion Exchange, Las Vegas Fusion Exchange, Atomic Fusion Festival, Massive Blues Recess, Portland Alt Tango Festival, Seattle Fusion Festival, Mission Fusion Extravaganza and more.

JEANNIE LIN is a dance instructor based in Los Angeles who has been moving, dancing, and performing since she was five.  Her early training included gymnastics, ballet, and lyrical jazz while her later years included formal study in over 30 styles of partner dance including Waltz, Foxtrot, Salsa, Samba, Rumba, Cha-cha, Hustle, Lindy Hop, and West Coast Swing.  However, now she is most content playing in the worlds of Fusion and Argentine Tango, where she continually chooses to blend, articulate, and integrate concepts from her ever-growing dance background.  In the last two years, she’s had the fortunate opportunity to teach in over 30 cities in 12 countries and continually awaits new adventures to come.


warren woo


Warren Woo is a yoga instructor, personal trainer, choreographer, and dancer in the Seattle area. He is a dance major at the University of Washington and actively participates in the program as a dance student association officer, performer, and choreographer, along, with conducting honors research on dance partnering. He found his passion for dance at the age of twenty in social partner dance and gradually found his way to ballet, contemporary and circus training over the years.

ryan and Jenny sims

Ryan has been training and performing with the Olympic Ballet Theatre since 2010. His repertoire spans roles from Nutcracker Prince from “The Nutcracker” to Mordred from the contemporary piece “Griffes: Kairn of Koridwen” as well as many other appearances with ballet companies throughout the Greater Seattle area. In 2010 he also started East Coast Swing, his enjoyment of partner dancing lead him to West Coast Swing, Blues and then in 2012 to Fusion dancing. Ryan has been teaching Ballet and Fusion dance classes since 2011. In 2012 Ryan created his own style of partner dancing that he coined “Ballusion” which is a combination of ballet partnering (Pas de Deux) and Fusion dance esthetics.

Jenny’s love of dance took off in 1999 when she discovered Hip Hop. She took home first place in several freestyle Hip Hop dance competitions across British Columbia as well as performed on stage at many Electronic Music Festivals. In early 2013 Jenny immersed herself in Blues, Fusion, Ballroom, Kizomba and Latin dance. The following spring she trained to be a dance teacher and began teaching weekly classes as well as private lessons. Her more recent focus is on Tango, Zouk and Ballet. With a background in physiotherapy Jenny has been teaching group and one to one exercise programs since 2011, which has greatly contributed to her understanding of how to teach movement. Jenny’s unique style and training make her a creative and well-rounded fusion instructor.

Ryan and Jenny give a comprehensive breakdown of both lead and follow roles as well as give individualized feedback to their students. They especially enjoy teaching students how to perform beautiful, safe and creative dance lifts. They strive to make each class informative, challenging and fun! Jenny and Ryan have taught together at many dance events in across the US and Canada.


Lilli Ann Carey and Claire carey

Lilli Ann Carey has been dancing since the mid-90’s and teaching regular classes for over 12 years both here in Seattle, the greater NW, the Bay area, DC and beyond. She is known not just as a skilled and fun-loving instructor in Waltz, Zydeco, Foxtrot, Blues, Blues Fusion, Swing, and other dances, but also for producing 2 dance camps, 8 Viennese Balls, 2 Christmas Balls and the ever popular- 10 years running- Dancing ’till Dusk outdoor dance series. For this festival, she will infuse her wealth of knowledge from a palette of incredibly varied waltz moves into the play and creativity of leading and following in Fusion. (Not your grandmother’s waltz.) 

Lilli Ann will be partnered by her daughter, a talented dancer and teaching partner, Claire Carey.

Lessa Lamb

Lessa has been studying and performing various forms of dance for most of her life. In her continuous discovery of partner dance, she found that her best, most creative, and most satisfying series of movements come when she stops thinking about what she's doing, and just allows the dance, the music, the connection, to flow through her. In this conduit-like state, she finds serenity. It is the experience of these feelings that she strives to impart to as many people as she possibly can.