SANDRO SONCINI is a dancer and dance instructor from Florianopolis, Brazil. He has studied and trained in dance for over nine years. Sandro is proficient in many partner dance forms and has participated in various congresses and competitions.
Sandro discovered ZOUK in 2006 and since then has not stopped learning and loving the dance. His own methodology with the dance focuses on circular, flowing movements and he brings this into his teaching method to give students a beautiful zouk aesthetic. He is working to spread ZOUK in Vancouver, and around the world.

Jeannie Lin is a dance instructor based in Los Angeles who has been moving, dancing, and performing since she was five.  Her early training included gymnastics, ballet, and lyrical jazz while her later years included formal study in over 30 styles of partner dance including Waltz, Foxtrot, Salsa, Samba, Rumba, Cha-cha, Hustle, Lindy Hop, and West Coast Swing.  Now, she is most content playing in the worlds of Tango and Fusion, where she continually chooses to blend, articulate, and integrate concepts from her ever-growing dance background.  In the last few years, she’s had the fortunate opportunity to teach in over 30 cities in 12 countries and continually awaits new adventures to come.  

In 1996 Emily Webb began her love affair with partner dance. Through the years Emily has studied Tango, Swing, Salsa, Blues, and Fusion dance with some the top instructors in the world.  Today Tango and Fusion remain Emily's greatest dance loves.

Thousands of students across the US and Canada have benefited from Emily's dynamic and interactive teaching style. Emily's adaptability to student needs, knowledge of body mechanics, and specialized drills create high impact learning for students of all levels. Through her years of teaching experience Emily has learned to make even the most complex movements simple and build them from the ground up.  This means you will not only look good while you dance, but feel great to your partners too!  

Emily has completed multiple teachers trainings in and out of dance, is a certified instructor of Krav Maga (martial art) and has a BS in Equine Science with a specialty in teaching. She has been seen teaching at nationally recognized events such as the Portland Alt Tango Festival, Denver Fusion Exchange , Las Vegas Fusion Exchange, Atomic Fusion Festival, Massive Blues Recess, Seattle Fusion Festival, Mission Fusion Extravaganza, DJX Fusion Weekend, The Fusion Project and more.

Emiliano Estevez has a background in Lindy Hop, Blues, Hip-Hop, House, Tango, and a host of movements from many other genres. He has been dancing since late 2000 and continues to add new ideas and movements to his style. Emilio teaches weekly classes in Lancaster, PA, taught at national events such as the Fusion Exchange; Albany Lindy and Blues; Blues Recess, and workshops in many locations like Montreal; Seattle; Austin; and Philadelphia.

He DJs at many events locally and nationally providing a groovy flavor of Blues, Lindy, and Fusion styles of music. He also runs DJ Experiment which is an organization created to give DJs, musicians, and dancers a safe place to experiment and grow.

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With 25+ years of dance experience between them Ryan and Jenny Sims from Seattle WA are practiced fusion dance instructors and performers. Ryan started training and performing with the Olympic Ballet Theatre in 2010. In 2012 he started East Coast Swing which then led him to WCS, Blues and Fusion dancing. Jenny’s love of dance took off in 1999 when she discovered Hip Hop. In early 2013 she immersed herself in Latin, Blues, and Ballroom, which later lead her to Kizomba, Zouk, Fusion, Tango and WCS. Ryan and Jenny have been teaching together since 2015 and enjoy demonstrating how to perform safe, creative, ballet inspired lifts.
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A world-class and highly sought dancer & instructor, Ari Levitt is well-known for his fun, energetic, and delightful classes that can't help but inspire students with a love and passion for dance, and for his clear, articulate teaching style and ability to break down the most complex concepts and moves and made them accessible and easy to understand by all.  He has been teaching, performing, and DJ’ing nationally, and internationally for over 25 years, in over 100 cities, and 40 nations, and is highly regarded as one of this country's leading innovators and instructors in the areas of cross-step waltz, night club 2-step, social dance fusion, connection & the art of effortless movement and flow. 

When not dancing, Ari is a physician on faculty at Singularity University in their “Exponential Medicine” track, and is a pioneer in the burgeoning field of “Experiential Wellness” which, among other things, uses dance movement, technique, & connection as a modality for diagnosing and treating patients.

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Alyssa Manning’s passion for dance has developed through performing, learning, competing, and teaching partner and solo dance for over 20 years.  Her multifaceted experience includes extensive training and national awards in ballroom dance, additional work in hip hop, swing, jazz, and blues, as well as dabbling in many other styles.  She especially enjoys the creative expression that comes from combining these varied dance forms in fusion dancing. 


When not on the dance floor, Alyssa is working towards discovering new cures for widespread neglected diseases at the Infectious Disease Research Institute of Seattle.

Austin Hunt is an actor gone rogue. In 2011 he began partner dancing as a means to improving his physical acting. [Now he is a dancer first and an actor second.] In summer of 2012 he experienced micro blues for the first time; he loved it. He dedicated himself to the understanding and history of the dance and has been teaching it ever since 2014. Austin is currently based in Bellingham, Washington. He loves to bring his acting training into good use, meshing acting theory learned from Stanislavski, Grotowski and Suzuki, to reach a deep state of connection with himself, the floor, the music and his partner. Learn more at

Warren Woo is a photographer, videographer, yoga instructor, personal trainer, choreographer, and dancer in the Seattle area. He graduated as a dance major at the University of Washington and actively participated in the program as a dance student association officer, performer, and choreographer, along, with conducting honors research on dance partnering. Born in Hawaii and having to relocate often, he was homeschooled and studied music in his youth. His development as a physical mover began with Ultimate Frisbee, yoga, running and weight training in his late teens. He is passionate about creating and capturing imagery and finding connections whenever possible. He found his passion for dance at the age of twenty in social partner dance and gradually found his way to ballet, contemporary and circus training over the years. Frequently collaborating with those in the area he has had the opportunity to perform extensively at the UW, Full Tilt, Strictly Seattle, Men in Dance, Battle for the Dance Belt, and for companies including the Cabiri, Relay Dance Collective, Northwest Ballet Theater, and more. Learn more about Warren at


Xtine is the founder of Brazilian Zouk in Seattle and the creator & event director of Seattle Dance Festival at the Center of the Universe. Her dance training began at the age of 3, with classical training in ballet, jazz, tap, musical theater, and later modern and hip-hop. She performed with two ballet companies in Seattle rising to the level of a soloist, occasionally doing her own choreography.  At age 16 she started her partner dance career with salsa and bachata.
She began her teaching career in 2010 at Salsa Con Todo Dance Studio where she has taught ballet, jazz, salsa, bachata, kizomba, Brazilian Zouk, and West Coast Swing.  West Coast Swing has made a profound impact on Xtine's connection, creativity, and style, and she promotes the fusion style of swouk wherever she goes. She recently won the Zouk Invitational division at Seattle Dance Festival 2016 and is a World Swing Dance Council (WSDC) recognized advanced WCS dancer.



Visa has been a self-taught dancer all her life. She has a background in ballet and hip hop dancing, as well as American Social Ballroom dancing. Her teaching experience includes 2 years of teaching a high school show choir and 2 years of training and teaching at the Arthur Murray School of Dance. She's very excited to be sharing some of her skill sets with everyone and teaching some awesome Britney Spears Choreography! Britney has been her biggest dance and performance inspiration since She was five years old, and she's very excited to share some of that inspiration with all of you! This is her first time teaching at SFF and although dancing with a partner is an amazing experience, her true love has always been solo dancing!



Reeva Bradley began their early foundation of strength and flexibility in dance with ballet and jazz. In 2009, they found social partner dancing through Argentine Tango and Blues. They were drawn to the partnered creativity, improvisation, and emotional expressiveness of both of these dances and continued in the study of both over the past 8 years. Reeva focuses on musicality in their classes, with depth that shows their background as an experienced musician. They began teaching in 2012 in their home base of San Francisco, and have developed classes that focus on connection and communication in partnered movement. Reeva travels extensively to teach and DJ Blues, Fusion, and Tango, bringing their conversational and playful style to each venue they visit. 

Orville grew up up on Kodiak Island, and worked in commercial fishing in Bristol Bay; the only thing that comes close to being as challenging to the Alaskan fishing life has been circus arts. Through years of practice Orville has achieved skills in tumbling, juggling, and partner movements. Polishing those skills and teaching circus arts have been a fun way of applying his nearly limitless energy. Orville’s experiences include cheerleading, Dance Drill Teams, performing and choreographing with Swing Dance and Ballroom Dance troupes, and teaching partner dances and partner movements for over 14 years. His current passion is practicing Acro.