We, the organizers of SFF events and its affiliates, place an absolute priority on creating an inclusive and safe space for all dancers.

To that end we have instituted a safety policy, and an anonymous tip form that can both be accessed from this page. the anonymous tip page has no email, ip, or logging of any kind (i.e. intended to be anonymous) accessible to the sff site admins, or organizers.

this is a safe space to submit concerns/reports for actions occurring at sff, and affiliated events, and also non-affiliated events in the fusion community. In the case of events not directly associated with SFF, our organizers will make every attempt to seek resolution with persons in charge or affiliated to the event/location in question or take other actions if deemed NECESSARY for the sake of the greater fusion dance community.

 If there are any questions or concerns about our policies or their enforcement please contact us immediately through any method available or convenient. 

Anonymous Safety Tip Form

(This field is not required if you are reporting a generally concerning trend or event of unknown persons or groups.)
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The date the actions took place