featured dj's

greg van wijk

Greg started DJing for local Vancouver, BC West Coast Swing dances in 2009. Greg has since DJ'd both his own and other local WCS & Fusion social dances and has and continues to hired as a staff DJ at major WCS events. Greg made his SFF DJ debut at SFF 2013 and has been back every year since. 

Greg’s style is music that will promote dancers to inhabit the song with their partner and invest physically and emotionally in the moment. He also favours music that will inspire creative movement from the subtle (micro) to expansive and intense. Greg has experience in more than 15 different dances.

will shaver

Will has been social dancing for more than 15 years, and fusion dancing feels like coming home. He loves finding music that inspires dancing! He’s been spinning for WCS, Blues, and Fusion events for more than a decade, carefully cultivating his music collection and ear for amazing music.

reeva bradley

Reeva’s enthusiasm for amazing music shows through every song she plays. She DJs in conversation with the dancers in the room, creating dynamic sets that infuse the floor with energy.  You can dance to her tunes in her home base of San Francisco, and wherever she travels.  She’s DJed at national and international events, such as European Blues Invasion, Bluesquake, and Seattle Fusion Festival.

emily webb

Emily never thought she would be a good DJ because she can’t remember the names of artist or songs.  Turns out one can DJ a great set without that brain function!  Emily loves to send dancers into the flow through her sets.  The artistry of ordering songs, creating ebbs and flows, ups and downs, and dancer bliss is what Emily is after.  

Emily has DJ’ed for Fusion, Tango, and Alt Tango dancers around the country.  She is the co-creator of Mission Fusion and Tango Atipico in San Francisco.


lily harrison

Lily is a popular blues and fusion DJ in Seattle. As both a musician and dancer she chooses music that helps the dancers on the floor feel the music not in just their feet but in their chests and their hearts. Often she can be found DJing the weekly blues dances in the Seattle area, and occasionally Portland! She has been DJing for around three years.

In her off-time she is attempting to become a professional dancer and dance teacher - in whatever sense that may embody. Her favorite dance style to dance is Lindy hop and her favorite dance style to watch is West African Dance. She loves cats. If you have a cat please let her touch it. Oreos are her favorite food and will therefore be eating them while DJing for you lovely dancers. 

jo ann coker

Jo Ann loves to create a mood with the music she DJs, and you’ll probably find her dancing around in the DJ booth. She loves exploring different genres, tempos, and textures of songs.

Her passions are music, dance, and organizing events, which she has done for nearly 20 years. As a lover and collector of music, she is blessed to have an outlet for this obsession.

She is professional DJ (corporate events, weddings, etc.), and has played at events, such as Denver Fusion Exchange, Lindy Focus, Camp Hollywood, All Balboa Weekend, and Rain City Blues, and is happy to be back again this year at Seattle Fusion Festival.



rebecca ortega

Becca (AKA: DJ ‘Tega) is a bio-anthropologist who stumbled across dancing during her undergrad in 2012.  Four years later, she is now equal parts scientist, dancer, event organizer for MashUp, and DJ in Seattle…all while pursuing a PhD!  Becca identifies as a fusion, blues, Latin, glitch, and liquid dancer.  The challenge and immense creativity required to blend dance styles is what has made fusion her favorite. Her DJ style is dynamic and prioritizes fostering deep connection for those dancing to her sets.  Although she enjoys DJing for all types of fusion, she specializes in micro with a wide variety of music: liquid, glitch, blues, zouk, acoustic contemporary and more.  Her goal is to give everyone at least one “magic dance”, so be ready for some intense connection!

Gabrielle Mathiesen

Gabie has been DJing fusion venues in the Seattle area for the past two years. She loves finding music that inspires creativity and artistic interpretation. Her background in West Coast Swing and Blues and her love of Tango keep the energy flowing, the beats strong, and the connection juicy in all she plays. Her goal is to make sure that everyone on the floor has music to feel at home with, no matter their dance background or experience.

By day, Gabie is an 8th grade math teacher, crossfit enthusiast, and graduate student. She is very excited to be DJing at Seattle Fusion Festival for the first time. You will likely catch her dancing around the DJ booth in excitement.

Austin Hunt

Austin Hunt is an actor gone rogue. Back in 2011 he began partner dancing as a means to improving his physical acting. Now he is a dancer first and an actor second. Austin is currently based in Bellingham, Washington as the organizer for State Street Fusion and specializes in micro blues.

As a DJ, Austin doesn’t like to play around with filler songs; he plays only the good stuff. He is very selective in choosing the best music that fits the mood of the room. Austin’s goal is to leave the room “humming” and give you the best dance night that he can provide.

Lucas Weismann

Lucas Weismann is a DJ whose goal is to get you on the floor dancing, whether that means, funk, soul, trip-hop or classical music- he's totally mercenary in his approach to creating the best experience for the dancers any time he's at the helm.  Unless a specific themed set is requested, think that mix tape you listened to over and over and over again (if you're old enough to remember those things).